Little girl, 3, learns life-saving skills to the soundtrack of ‘Baby Shark’

Learning CPR is vital; you just never know when these life-saving skills will be needed.

Sadly only 54 percent of Americans say they know how to do CPR, and only 17 percent of those people know that chest compressions, even without mouth-to-mouth breathing, can save someone’s life.

So many responsible people do learn CPR but not all remember it so certain songs have been associated with CPR compressions like 70s Bee Gees classic ‘Stayin Alive.’

But now dad Chris Pietroforte has come up with a song that has helped his youngest child to learn these skills.


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The former firefighter and EMT of 19 years, recently discovered that the beats of popular kids’ song Baby Shark is perfectly timed to carry our chest compressions.

He tried out his theory on his 3-year-old daughter Saige who performed CPR on a dummy and her skills are amazing.

This isn’t a new thing as the talented toddler has known CPR since she was 2 years old.

“Any song that’s between 100 to 120 bpm, you can do it to,”  Chris tells Inside Edition.

Saige does demonstrations for other students

Dad Chris now owns a company called Central Valley CPR in Tulare, California, and is dedicated to teaching CPR to as many people as possible.

But he says his daughter is his best student, “She actually goes to all my classes when I teach and she demonstrates how to do it. … So she’s in there and I tell people that if they can’t outdo her, they won’t pass.”

And if that isn’t a good enough incentive I don’t know what is. See super Saige in action in the video below.

Future life saver right here! You go little one! Kudos to dad! Teach em right! ❤️

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