Little girl is dying – but a miracle happens when she’s visited by “Jesus”

Having a terminally ill child is a devastating blow to a family that is a parent’s worst nightmare. No parent should have to suffer this horrible loss, and no child should have to feel the effects of a terrible illness. Yet, this is a reality for many families.  Sometimes, when all medical avenues have been explored and all hope is lost, something unexplainable happens…

Brittany Backenhaster was a typical three-year-old girl before she became ill. She was “full of life” and counted singing in the church among her favorite activities. However, her mother, Jamie suffers from a seizure disorder and at a very young age, Brittany began experiencing seizures as well.

Brittany’s first seizure was a dangerous grand mal seizure and doctors worked with the concerned parents to treat the little girl. Unfortunately, the conventional medications did not seem to help.

Brittany quickly went from a delightful, energetic little girl to a very sick child. Like many people with an illness, her life became about her disorder. Brittany wore a helmet all of the time to protect from head injuries during her frequent seizures. She would never have a normal life and it began to look like she would have no life at all.


The emotional toll Brittany’s disorder had on her family was terrible, and they faced financial worries, as well. Her medications and treatments were very expensive and her parents struggled to pay for her medications and hospitalizations. Still, the situation was about to get worse.

Brittany had been in the hospital for three weeks when brain scans revealed that her entire brain was seizing. Doctors prepared the parents for the worst and they sent Brittany home to be comfortable and surrounded by family in her final hours.


Jamie stayed up all night with her daughter, praying for her. To everyone’s complete shock, the little girl woke up, exclaiming, “Jesus! Jesus!” The five-year-old described an amazing miracle encounter that occurred while she was unconscious and the next day, doctors declared that she was healthy.

Watch Brittany’s story in the video below:

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