Little girl misses her soldier dad – watch her reaction when she gets this shocking gift

Soldiers not only risk their lives to keep us all safe, they also sacrifice time with their loved ones.

When one little girl’s soldier dad was deployed she struggled without him. She even had to take a ‘daddy doll’ to bed every night to help her sleep.

When her mom tells her there is a present from her father outside, she thinks it’s cookies. Watch her adorable reaction when she sees it’s so much more than cookies.

Maci needed her ‘Daddy Doll’ to stop her from having nightmares; she struggled with her soldier dad away.

One day, mom called her to the living room, saying there was a surprise waiting for her. Maci, dressed in her favourite pink dress, was barefoot.

As usually, she had her ‘Daddy Doll’ cradled in one arm, with her blond hair tied in a small bun on her head.

father surprises little girl

When her mom tells her she’s going to get a gift from her father, the little girl thinks it’s cookies.

A knock at the door signals the surprise is waiting for her and she runs to see what it is.

“That’s a big box for cookies,” her mom declares.

Maci ran down the steps when she saw the huge box outside.

She still thinks she’s getting cookies as she tears the paper off, with help from her mom.

Then, her mom says, “Can you knock on it? Say ‘Cookies.'”

girl gets surprise from father

So, Maci knocks on the present and who should pop out but her dad! Even though she didn’t get her cookies, she got something better, her father.

The little girl screams so hard she falls down; the absolute joy is something you have to see.

She can’t stop looking at him and laughing as he grabs her in his arms and gives her the biggest hug.

Watch her adorable reaction in the video below.

Absolutely adorable!!! What a wonderful surprise for her! Such a sweet little girl and great mom and dad. 

I’m so glad this daddy was able to get home to his daughter and give her the biggest hug.

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