Man found ‘frozen to death’ with no pulse, only for doctor to leave mouths open with plan to save him

Anyone who’s ever experienced a certifiable miracle can tell you they come when you least expect them.

They’re not common, but when they do occur they can reinforce our belief in a higher power, or simply the idea that we’re not so alone in this life after all.

It was one such moment that played out when emergency physician Dr. Gerald Coleman made a decision that surprised all of his piers. It involved a procedure that had absolutely no guarantees of saving the life of 25-year-old Justin Smith …

frozen man saved by doctor
YouTube / CBS New York

When Justin Smith set off home one night in February, he probably thought it would be a routine journey. Sadly, Justin never made it to his destination.

Instead, he was discovered lying in the snow after more than 10 hours. Paramedic Emmett Thomas and his colleagues were the first on the scene. They determined that he was beyond saving.

doctor saves frozen young man
YouTube / CBS New York

The 25-year-old, found in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, no longer had a pulse. His father, Don, had been searching for him for hours. When he arrived, he refused to believe it was possible. He shook his son and tried to wake him, but it was to no avail.

Justin was rushed to hospital, where it was expected doctors would confirm he couldn’t be saved. Dr. Gerald Coleman, however, had a different opinion.

He was able to convince other doctors there was yet a chance Justin could be saved. He persuaded them to undergo a risky operation that was far from certain to work.

Don kissed his cold son on his head and told him he loved him.

young man miracle
YouTube / CBS New York

Then, he witnessed a miracle. As the hours passed, Justin’s body warmed up and his heart began to beat again. After twelve days, Justin opened his eyes. He lost some fingers and toes to frostbite, but he was literally brought back to life.

Dr. Coleman was praised for his intuitive thinking, though not many were aware that the doctor had lost his own child nine years before Justin was rushed into his hospital. Some suspect it was just this experience that convinced the good doctor that Justin could be saved.

In any case, Coleman is a true hero, both for his conviction and his actions! Justin’s certainly here because of him.

What an inspiring story! Justin gets a second chance at life because of Dr. Coleman’s expertise.

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