Mom throws out son for being gay – grandpa disowns her with powerful letter

We like to think we live in a time that is fairly accepting of everyone, but the sad truth is we still see endless hate crimes carried out based on people’s race, background, religion and sexual orientation.

For the vast majority of us, it doesn’t matter what our children look like, what their interests are, or what they dream of doing when they’re older. They’re our children, and as such we adore them unquestionably.

Sadly, there are a small percentage of adults too caught up in their own viewpoints to let their sons and daughters flourish as they will.

The teenager in this story, Chad, took a long time to gather his courage. And then, the brave boy told his mother that he is gay. But he never thought his own mother would react the way she did and throw him out on the street. 

The boy was cruelly rejected and called an ‘abomination’ and ‘against nature.’ What could possibly be worse than being disowned by your own mother? It must have been a heartbreaking and terrible feeling. I don’t understand how you go from a loving parent, to that. 

Chad sought solace with a family member who he could really count on: Grandpa. 

Grandpa wasn’t content just taking care of the boy. He also wrote a letter to his daughter that millions have read online. It’s the perfect response, I think. Read it below!

This handwritten letter went viral in 2013 and has been published on several sites during the years. It first appeared at‘s Facebook page, according to Huffpost.

I don’t know if the story is completely true, but I still think it carries an important message that’s worth spreading even today.

‘Coming out of the closet’ is still a hugely difficult experience for many gay people. According to one study, 36% of young people were uncomfortable learning a family member was LGBTQ

Whether this letter is real or not, this type of behaviour does happen with pitiful parents turning their backs on their children. When a family is blessed with a child, you do not under any circumstances throw that child away!


Despite decades of progress, members of the LGBTQ community across the country are experiencing targeted acts of violence, hate and ignorance.

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