15-yr-old with severe burns refuses to go to prom – then someone approaches her house and she starts trembling

Korryn Bachner, 15, was sitting by a campfire with her friends when one of them poured gasoline over the flames.

The gas caused an explosion and Korryn, along with a dozen other teens, was severely burned.

Korryn’s face, neck and hands were burned and panic filled the air before the ambulances arrived.

Korryn Bachner

Korryn ended up suffering third grade burns, which covered more than 90 percent of her face.

She was in hospital for almost two weeks fighting for her life and will need to undergo more surgical procedures in the future.

Korryn was a popular cheerleader and had many friends at her school, Glendale East High School, in Illinois. But with her head completely wrapped in bandages, Korryn assumed that there would be no school prom for her this year. After all, she was released from the hospital just one day before her prom.


Korryn wasn’t going to her prom, partly because she didn’t want to risk infection and partly because she wasn’t comfortable going with bandages covering her face.

It made her sad — after all, prom is one of the biggest events in a high school student’s life and everyone talks about it in the months leading up to the big night.

With great sorrow in her voice, Korryn was forced to tell her date, Jonathan Ayala, that she wasn’t going to go with him to the prom.

Jonathan had to find someone else.


Korryn also told her friends that she’d stay home that night.

Instead, she tried to think of happy thoughts, like her new dream of becoming a nurse and working in a hospital burn unit. She wanted to help people going through the same thing.

Just a few hours before her prom was to start on Saturday night, Korryn was sitting at home thinking about the amazing night she would have had.

Then suddenly, she heard a knock on the door…


It was Jonathan and some of Korryn’s other friends.

First, Korryn thought they stopped by to take some pictures in their prom clothes. But her friends had a surprise for her…


They set up lights in Korryn’s basement and decorated the whole room — making it look like a real ballroom.

If Korryn couldn’t go to the prom, the prom would come to her. What wonderful friends!


“She has such a great group of friends. There were definitely some tears, but they were happy tears. Jonathan missed his senior prom for her. She has the opportunity to still attend two more, but I don’t know that another prom will ever be as special as this one was,” Korryn’s mom, Ellen, tells People.


Korryn and her friends posed together in their outfits.

Then, they danced in the decorated basement.


“She was just happy. I’m sure there was a smile underneath her bandages and a few happy tears. It made my heart happy,” Korryn’s mom, Ellen, says.

This wonderful gesture did a lot to cheer up Korryn — something she needs during her long recovery period.

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