Research confirms: Beer protects against heart problems, bad memory and diabetes

There are few things in life like a cold beer … or two … sometimes more.

Sticking to just the one is not always easy for people, and there’s always someone around to say that too many beers aren’t good for you.

Beer-sceptics beware, however; new research may be about to silence you. It appears that the amber nectar may have several major health benefits.


Whilst it’s true that beer can bring about side-effects that are … less than desirable, it’s also now apparent that the drink can help to counter heart problems, diabetes and bad memory, according to NBC News.

It’s long been common knowledge – supported by researchers and doctors – that a glass of red wine a day can have certain health benefits. New studies are suggesting now, though, that beer might be just as good, if not better! Apparently, beer contains just as many antioxidants as wine, only with more proteins and vitamin B.

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What is beer good for?

That’s all to the good, but it gets better. A study published in The journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, shows that those who drink beer three to four times a week run less risk of developing diabetes than those who don’t. Another study highlights that men who drink beer regularly have 42% less chance of having a heart attack than their abstaining counterparts.

Cleans your teeth and makes you smarter?

As listed by NBC News, other positive health effects of drinking beer are:

  • Longer life expectancy
  • Can help to clean teeth
  • The counteracting of inflamation
  • Improving the strength of your skeleton
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It goes without saying that a great deal of people will be happy after hearing about this new discovery. Share this with all your friends who say beer is bad!