Horses go missing from stables every day – then camera catches unlikely escape artist

Horses are such intelligent creatures; often smarter than we give them credit for.

Just like humans there isn’t one personality trait that can define all horses; some are friendly, some are aloof, some can be aggressive; it depends on many different factors.

But one horse owner didn’t bank of one of her horses having a particular trait that left her scratching her head for a long time.


At a farm in Michigan, owners kept finding their horse stables empty and their horses wandering freely, despite putting them in their stables the night before with their doors bolted.

It wasn’t until they investigated further that they discovered the rebel responsible and the special skill she had.

Now Mariska, the beautiful Friesian horse, has earned herself the nickname Houdini after cameras caught her breaking out, freeing the other horses and helping herself to food.

One of the Midland farm owners Sandy Bonem, said she doesn’t know how Mariska developed such a skill.


“We most certainly did not [train her],” she said, according to HuffPost.

“[I]t makes life such a challenge for us. Especially as we have only to forget just one of the back up latches or chains and she finds the weak link! She checks constantly for a way out.”

The video of Mariska a.k.a Houdini, was posted on YouTube and so far more than 12 million people have watched it.

Join in the fun and see for yourself in the clip below.

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Clearly horses are far more intelligent that we give them credit for.

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