Josh Groban moves crowd when he gives a unique spin to this American classic

It feels like that everything that American singer songwriter Josh Groban touches turns to gold.

Starting his music career at the tender age of 18, his first four solo albums went multi-platinum.

He’s been nominated for three Grammy Awards and has made a name for himself through his powerful vocals, impactful performances, and hit songs.

So what’s more to prove?

Well, this amazing artist never stops to surprise me…

Josh Groban have a way of turning classic songs into his own without tainting the original version’s meaning and appeal.

Bridge Over Troubled Water”, written by Paul Simon and originally performed by Simon and Garfunkel, is a classic American popular song.

Released in 1970, it is Simon and Garfunkel’s biggest hit and is popular throughout the world.


Some weeks ago, Josh Groban decided to release his own rendition of the song, which has been receiving enthusiastic reviews.

It was in one of his concerts in Madison Square Garden when Josh Groban introduced his performance of the celebrated hit.

During the whole concert, he had the audience with him every step of the way and they were in total awe of his talent.

Josh Groban, MSG, Simon And Garfunkel

But it was his version of ”Bridge Over Troubled Water” that prompted an eager response from the crowd.

He first started playing on the piano by himself and singing the first lines of the classic song, but giving a unique spin to it with his captivating vocals.

Josh Groban

Singing unaccompanied during the first minutes of his performance, Josh Groban made the song more beautiful than ever.

But after a few minutes, this talented man was joined by backup singers.

Through a perfect blend of voices coupled with the right instruments, they added and an atmospheric choir-esque feel to the gospel-influenced song.

All in all, this resulted in an impressive rendition of this timeless masterpiece – one that would surely merit approval of Simon & Garfunkel themselves!

Such a powerful voice – one of a kind!

The raw power to the gentle tenderness at the end is just stunning.  

We love everything you do, Josh. Your music fills my house often and for many occasions, you helped me feel much better hearing this today.

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