2-year-old with Down syndrome battling cancer asks for birthday cards

Freddie is an amazing boy, one who just happens to have been born with an extra chromosome. Having Down syndrome hasn’t really stopped the 2-year-old from accomplishing so much in his life.

Sadly, this sweet boy was diagnosed with B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia on January 8, 2019. Over the course of the past month, Freddie has been in hospital battling this horrific cancer.

The brave little boy is currently undergoing his fourth round of chemotherapy. Now, Freddie’s mother is asking people to send birthday cards and games for her son’s 3rd birthday.

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Little Freddie has been battling leukaemia and is now undergoing his fourth round of chemotherapy.

“So far this year he’s spent 96 days in the hospital. During induction he had multiple surgeries to fix his g tube,” his mother, Joanne Taylor, told FOX 46.

Since he was 8-months-old, Freddie has faced challenges the like no kid should have to face. He’s gone through physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy due to his condition. According to his mom, kids with Down syndrome run a higher risk of developing leukaemia.

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And yet, despite all the setbacks, Freddie remains a very positive and active kid.

“He loves music. He loves to dance. His favorites right now are Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons, and Pharell. He loves visiting his dad at the fire station,” his mom revealed.

Freddie has two big sisters who have been missing him at home. They try to visit him whenever they can.

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Fortunately, the family don’t live far from the hospital. Freddie’s mom spends most nights in his bed with him so the 2-year-old won’t get scared.

His firefighter and paramedic dad visits when he has time off.

This Friday, Freddie will celebrate his 3rd birthday. His mom is hoping that her son will get an abundance of cards and games – to keep him busy on his birthday.

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“As much as I know Freddie would love to meet everyone in person, that is just not something he can do right now.”

People all over the US have been touched by her request, and by Freddie’s adorable spirit.

“Teachers are having their classes make cards for him. There was a lady from Hawaii who messaged me and said, ‘Aloha, our kids want to make him a card.’ I think that’s so cool.”

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If you’d like to send a wish to Freddie, cards can be sent directly to his hospital room at:

MUSC 7B Children’s Hospital

165 Ashley Ave

Charleston, SC 29425

Team Freddie / Facebook

Happy Birthday Freddie! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope you have the best birthday ever! May God bless you always!