Airline worker is tired of thinning hair: Now watch her amazing transformation thanks to ‘The Makeover Guy’

January is here and with it comes a new year and new opportunities, maybe for some that means a new style.

For many it’s not just the new year that may spur change, for some it could mean a move to a new place or a new job.

Dawn, from Seattle, wanted to look different for a flight attendant position so decided to visit the “The Makeover Guy” and his team to “surrender” to their expertise.

She told “The Makeover Guy” Christopher Hopkins, at his lounge in Minneapolis, that her hair had always been her crowning glory, long and curly. But as she got older, it started to thin and she no longer wanted it long.


Photo: YouTube

As she described her thinning hair the talented stylist decided to play around by adding some comedy curls. They both had a lot of fun with his playful possibilities.

Photo: Youtube

He starts to work his magic with her locks with the aim of getting more volume into her hair; the results are stunning.

Dawn looks so glamorous with her new style and is overjoyed at the new her.

Watch her amazing transformation in the clip below.

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