Dad is crushed under car – then son gets miracle strength of “angels”

Have you ever thought that there may be someone up there among the clouds watching over us? Perhaps an old friend, a deceased family member or a close relative — no matter who, they just want to know that we doing okay back down here on earth. And they can be there for us in our most vulnerable situations.

Some believe that angels actually exist, while others are convinced of the opposite. The Parker family definitely began to subscribe to the former group — after dad Stephen survived a terrible car accident.

It all began when Stephen Parker and his two sons, Mason and J.T. were working on the family car in their backyard. In order to lift the car, both Stephen and Mason, then 17 years, needed to help.

After lifting the car, Mason accidentally fell. He went into the house to patch up some scratches. Meanwhile, dad Stephen and youngest son Jack, then 8 years old remained outside.

Posted by Stephen Parker on Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stuck under car

As oldest son Mason was inside mending his wounds, the unthinkable happened. The jack let loose with dad Stephen still under the car, its full weight crushing him and preventing him from breathing.

“I was totally trapped — couldn’t move at all,” Stephen told Inside Edition.

J.T. was on the other side of the car and could not see his dad. Stephen was painfully aware that he had only one chance to survive: someone had to lift the heavy car with the jack.

Nearly loses consciousness

At first, Stephen did not call out to J.T. because he didn’t want his son to feel traumatic guilt should he not manage to lift the car. But seconds later, he realized he was close to losing consciousness, and ultimately yelled out to his 8-year-old son.

J.T. immediately understood the seriousness of the situation. But Stephen barely remembers what happened next.

“I was not there anymore. I only had a calm, peaceful feeling,” he says.

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Lifted the jack

The heavy car had to be lifted with the jack and it was a matter of minutes before Stephen would be crushed to death, his only chance of survival in the hands of 8-year-old J.T.

The boy didn’t hesitate. He used all the force he could muster to lift the car and save his dad’s life. Despite weighing only 45 pounds, he managed to lift the car within a few minutes — saving his dad’s life.

“It was scary, I didn’t think I could jack the car up. But I just kept on trying,” J.T. told Inside Edition.

For the Parker family, there was no question about it. There was an angel around that day.

“It made me realize we’re not alone. There are higher powers that watch over us,” Stephen says.

Listen to J.T. and Stephen describe the events of that incredible day in the video below. 

No matter what you believe, it’s nothing short of a miracle that the family’s youngest son managed to save his dad’s life, somehow mustering enough strength to lift the heavy car with the help of the jack.

I think angels were present for sure and gave the little boy the power he needed that day. Share if you do, too!