Gerber baby celebrates turning two with special celebration – the pictures are adorable

It was the first baby food brand to be sold in stores and from its humble beginnings with Dorothy Gerber in 1928,  Gerber has become one of the most successful brands around.

The iconic sketch of the baby face of Ann Turner Cook, now 91 years old, is the one most people recognize but last year the company decided to find a new spokesbaby and hosted a photo contest.

Proving that all babies are special beautiful Lucas was chosen out of 140,000 babies. The selection hit the headlines as Lucas was the first Gerber baby in its 91-year history with Down syndrome.

Now lovely Lucas is celebrating his second birthday and Gerber did not want it to go unnoticed. The pictures alone are just adorable.

Lucas Warren stole everybody’s hearts after being selected in 2017 and named as the 2018 Gerber Spokesbaby. His beautiful smiling face left nobody in any doubt that Gerber had found one of the cutest babies around.

Now Lucas has turned two years old and to celebrate the occasion, he and his family were invited to Gerber Farms in Fremont, Michigan where a party was held in his honor.

“We’re thrilled to have made the trip from Georgia to Michigan to celebrate Lucas‘ second birthday at Gerber’s farms,” his parents, Cortney and Jason Warren, said.

The celebration covered all Gerber traditions: fresh produce, seed planting and a cake fit for a king.

“Our family is thankful to be a part of the Gerber family and Lucas’ second birthday party is a day we’ll cherish forever,” his parents added.


What an adorable little guy and what a wonderful reminder that all babies are beautiful. This toddler clearly brings so much joy wherever he goes. Please share with your friends and family and help spread the joy!