Mailman finds newborn baby with umbilical cord still attached abandoned in bush

I’m sure mailmen and women see some shocking sights on their rounds but one mailman in England didn’t expect to discover the bundle he did in a bush.

Lauren Smith told British newspaper The Mirror that her grandfather, who is a mailman, found a newborn baby in a bush with his umbilical cord still attached while he was on his deliveries.

Police are now appealing for his mom to come forward.

Had to warm the newborn up

The baby was found in a bush in Hackney, east London, on a cold winter’s morning.

He was dressed in a gray onesie and a gray hat and wrapped up in a white knitted blanket.

Lauren said her grandfather took him back to his delivery vehicle so they could warm him up and called the police.


In appeal to find the baby’s mom Lauren wrote, “My grandad has just found a baby abandoned in a bush…if you know anything please contact the police. The baby is ok but might not have been if he wasn’t found.”

She wrote, according to The Mirror, that his colleague thought he could hear kittens in the bush but when they checked they found the baby boy.

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Police are also appealing for the mom to come forward so she can get the medical help she needs.

“Our primary focus is to ensure the wellbeing of both you and your child,” Inspector Kevin Weeks of the Central East Command Unit said.

This little boy is so lucky he was found on such a cold day. Let’s hope his mother is found soon and gets the help she needs. Please share.