Mom outraged after 7-year-old son with Down syndrome suffers bloodied face on school bus

A furious mom is accusing a Pennsylvania elementary school for trying to cover up a school bus accident involving her 7-year-old son with Down syndrome.

Elizabeth Aguero, 52, says her youngest son Michael Perrin suffered severe injuries including two facial fractures after an incident on the school bus.

According to the family, the school told them Michael was injured after falling from the school bus.

But the school wouldn’t let the family see any surveillance video footage from the bus.

“She asked to see the video and they refuse to show her the video,” Angel Rivera, Michael’s brother, said on Facebook.


Michael’s brother Angel Rivera took to social media to show his little brother’s severely damaged face and swollen eye.

“My little brother attends Resica Elementary and has Down syndrome, he was injured at school,” Rivera wrote.

“My mom is asking the school, the bus driver, and school aid what happened and they said he just fell they don’t know exactly what happened.”

My little brother attends resica elementary and has Down syndrome. He was injured at school. My mom is asking the…

Gepostet von Angel Rivera am Freitag, 7. Juni 2019

Rivera urged his friends and family to share the pictures and spread the story.

The family is worried they haven’t been told the whole truth about what occurred when Michael was on the school bus.

Michael is non-verbal, so he can’t tell what happened.

Aguero is both worried and outraged, and she’s blaming Resica Elementary School for not doing more to help prevent the alleged fall.

“They told me there was an incident and that my son was bleeding,” Aguero told PEOPLE.

“I needed to get there immediately and [they asked], ‘Should [we] call an ambulance?’ It’s hard to describe. It was horrible. It was hard to see my baby covered in blood.”

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*** I don’t own the copyrights to this music **** She didn’t know I was recording I had to catch the raw emotions this is not a lite matter my family is hurt #justiceformichael She is the world to me and more the only mother I will ever have I will cherish her and fight beside her always and forever she is the best mother I could’ve asked for with the most amazing heart …We appreciate all the love and support and We love you guys for investing your time in #justiceformichael for trusting the cause earlier today we met with lawyer in the New York City to be redirected unfortunately because of state limits after this and seeing what she saw on tape earlier there’s only but so strong we can be my mother is broken nothing will take away this unfortunate situation we have to deal with so we just pray and we wait and hope #changecomes Specially when it comes to dealing , handling and safety of all special needs children no child should ever come home like this EVER! Many of our special angels don’t have a voice and go years sometimes forever without being able to formulate words…. #imaginethat we must be their voice …….thankfully with all the support and sharing from everyone Family&Friends specially those with mayjor celebrity platforms my sister @mjrodriguez7 she came threw @iamcardib @star_brim5 @dreamdoll @wond3rwoman1 ✊[email protected] @msbellaimage cardi shared your post thank you mami your and angel you been pushing for Michael to be heard! @teatenders___liv @supernoahjacob @posterboyfordior and to everybody literally #bardigang spread the word like wild fire @guapacardi @cardibchannel you all have been a blessing @yahoo has his story up ?? we are forever grateful and faithful in Gods work and don’t stop praying there is still a lot yet to be determined physically mentally emotionally ?? THERE ARE NO GOFUNDME PAGES WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR MONEY ALL WE ASK IS #justiceformichael ……pray for my mothers strength pray for change ! #cnn #pix11 #savedownsyndrome #protectourkids #kyliejenner #ellendegeneres #cardib #downsyndrome #specialneeds #justiceformichael #ellendegeneres #kimkardashian spread the word #justiceformichael #tmz #cardib #kyliejenner

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Michael’s mom also appeared in an Instagram video posted by a family member and after that, the incident received national attention.

Rapper Cardi B showed support on Instagram writing, “#justiceformichael,” “We will speak for you Papi, you will be heard,” and “Absolutely not today Satan,” according to Yahoo.

Screen capture of post by Cardi B

On June 6, the family filed a police report with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Finally, Aguero got the chance to see the footage that investigators obtained from school officials.

The surveillance footage confirmed what school officials claimed – Michael fell on the bus.

But Aguero still believes the accident could have been avoided. She says that the staff on the bus was “negligent” and she wants justice for her son.

Michael is now healing well

“I don’t want this to happen to another kid. Another kid may not survive this,” Aguero said.

“I want better training. Michael is not the first, but I want him to be the last. No one should have immunity against child negligence. That was total negligence. Michael is a special needs child. I want justice.”

Fortunately, Michael is feeling better since the accident. He is healing well from his injuries, but the family still wants to hold the school officials accountable.

How sad for this special child.

Seeing this breaks my heart, stop ignoring children with disabilities.

I hope this mom gets justice and this little boy can be safe next time. Prayers to the lil man❤️