Police officer left with burns in mouth and throat – says Taco Bell workers lace quesadilla

Fast food is usually convenient, cheap and taste great – but fast food is unfortunately higher in fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium in comparison to homemade meals.

Sometimes we also hear about employees at fast food chains and how they treat their customers – and this scary story is exactly what people are afraid of.

Police officer Shawn Byrne and his wife, Amanda, went to the Taco Bell 2017 after a charity event at a local church and ordered a steak quesadilla at the drive-thru window.

After he had ordered, the employee who took it walked over to two fellow employees after Shawn had placed his order.

According to Shawn, they looked over at him and laughed.


”After the person at the window took my order, he went over to two men employees and said something to them. They all looked over at me and started laughing”, Shaun recalls.

The police officer didn’t think much more about that and looked forward to eating his quesadilla.

But soon after he took a few bites, his mouth started to burn!

Shawn Byrne claims his ”tongue, throat and the roof of his mouth began burning” after the third bite of the quesadilla, according to The Oklahoman.

Shawn woke up the following morning and his eyes and mouth were still burning. He had no choice and rushed to the hospital.

He ended up taking more than 127 hours of sick leave and if that’s not enough, two weeks later, Shawn developed appendicitis and had to have surgery.

The doctors say that the spicy quesadilla could have either caused or made the appendicitis worse.

After being diagnosed him with severe throat burns, he filed a police report, according to the local NBC syndicate.

The police officer claims workers at local Taco Bell restaurant put cologne and spicy chipotle in his steak quesadilla.

Shawn had kept the leftover quesadilla, and it was tested.


It contained a high concentration of pepper and cologne, but Shawn doesn’t wear cologne.

“The Department of Agriculture said there was an extremely hot pepper sauce on the sandwich and there was cologne in the sandwich also. Shawn does not wear cologne,” Byrne’s attorney, Brian Dell, said in a statement.

Officer Byrne filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell and is seeking more than $75,000 in damages after he claims he was forced to take weeks of sick leave after the incident.

According to the attorney Brian Dell, some at the police department have treated this like a joke.

“There’s the possibility they wanted to deliberately cause some harm or play a trick, if you will, on a policeman,” he said.

But a spokesperson from the police told NewsChannel 4 they thoroughly investigated the case, interviewed employees at Taco Bell, and even presented charges to the district attorney. But he declined them.

Shawn was then taking his fight against Taco Bell to federal court.


“If indeed these convicted felons did it deliberately, then you have to assume that’s exactly why they did it. They’d get away with it because it wouldn’t cause the injury it did, it caused serious injury,” Dell said.

In a statement sent, a spokesperson for Taco Bell said the company ‘fully cooperated with the police.’

‘Taco Bell is deeply appreciative of law enforcement, and we in no way endorse or accept discrimination against police officers or anyone else for that matter,’ the statement reads.

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