Screen legend Tom Hanks proves once again that he’s the nicest man in Hollywood

It’s so encouraging to see a celebrity using their fame and fortune to help others.

These Hollywood A-listers have such an influential platform to create foundations or encourage the public to get behind a worthy cause.

In the case of screen star Tom Hanks, the media is struggling to keep up with his constant stream of kindness. His everyday life is littered with random acts of generosity and all round nice guy behavior; it’s so heartwarming to see.

In this act of sweetness Tom Hanks tried to keep a low profile while buying Girl Scout cookies from a group in Los Altos, California.

He was instantly recognized and posed for a picture with the very excited trio.

According to the Los Altos Town Crier, when other people started recognizing him and asking if they too could have a picture with him he kindly agreed on one condition  — they buy cookies too.

His thoughtful approach to life led him to post an image of a student ID he came across in a park.

He posted a picture of the ID, covering the student’s last name with his thumb, and offered to get it back to Lauren if she still needed it.

And then there was that beautiful moment when he posed for pictures with two newlyweds.

According to FOX 59, the actor was out for a run when he spotted the couple posing for pictures in New York’s Central Park and stopped to congratulate them and take a selfie.

He spent time with them taking pictures and even the couple’s wedding photographer took some candid shots of the sweet interaction.

Now this beautiful couple have got an extra reason to look back on their special day with fondness.

In December, the Cast Away star was spotted at In-N-Out burger restaurant in Fontana, California, with his wife Rita Wilson.

Again this perfect gentleman had so much time for all the customers and staff who wanted to chat and take pictures. He even paid for everyone’s food.

‘Such a nice guy’

Megan Pierce, who was one of the customers who met him, shared her picture with the words, “He is such a nice guy taking pictures with everyone….he told us Merry Christmas ??,” she wrote.

“And I went over and talked to his wife Rita while Tom took pictures with everyone!”

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