Sons want sign from dad in heaven: what happens at his grave has everyone in tears

Brothers Mylan and Mason, just 5 and 8 years old, snuggle next to each other in a blanket on a bright autumn day. But sadly, they’re not out there to enjoy the beautiful weather. The boys are visiting their father’s grave for the first time – and when mom takes out her camera, something happens that she will hold in her memory for life.

Facebook/Kait Brazel

The boys’ father, Alfred ”Fred” Brazel, was just 37 when he lost his fight against cancer. It all happened quickly. Just five months after being diagnosed with rectal cancer, Alfred passed away.

The whole family stepped up during his fight against cancer. The young boys understood how serious the situation was and were by their father’s side constantly. At doctor’s appointments. During the hardest times. Always with tough questions.

The boys can sense their dad

Although the boys handled the situation well, Alfred and his wife Kait shielded their innocent sons from the grief as best they could for the short time the family had left together.

“We never once addressed it as a sad thing. We as a family lived and continue to live life to the fullest in every moment,” Kait says.

Facebook/Kait Brazel

Despite the family’s tough fight, Alfred’s cancer was untreatable. On the car ride to the ceremony, Kait held back tears.

Brothers Mylan and Mason longed to be able to talk to their dad again. They wanted to have a sign from him and to feel his presence. When they visited their father’s grave, Mason talked about his swimming contest while little brother Mylan  talked about his recent Halloween party. But something else happened: the 5 year old said he could ‘feel’ his dad.

A loving moment

Just as the family was about to leave the graveyard, the 5 year old said that he had one thing left to do – and then something wonderful happened.

Mylan walked forward and gave the headstone a hug, to give his dad one last hug goodbye.

Facebook/Kait Brazel

Big brother Mason also has a strong connection to his dad.

“Mason remembers a lot about his dad, and he’s been teaching his little brother things his dad taught him,” Kait says.

Losing a loved one is one of the worst feelings in the world, but we should never forget that they remain with us in our hearts. 

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