Woman, 55, struggles to get out of bed in the morning – now see her unbelievable makeover

For a lot of women who have raised kids and are heading toward retirement it’s often considered the golden age of their life.

But for some women they struggle to find motivation every day without the responsibility of a high flying career and children getting them up in the morning.

The woman you’re about to see in the video below told Christopher Hopkins aka “The Makeover Guy” that she lacked a certain motivation every day.

“I’m 55 and I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, I watch Netflix and I eat Twinkies,” she said.

Patricia from Fargo, North Dakota, said she wanted to leave her makeover all up Christopher as she trusted him completely.

Looking at her amazing transformation it’s clear she was right to trust him, she looks 20 years younger.

Photo: YouTube

Her transformation is shocking and she tells the camera how it’s far exceeded her expectations.

Christopher wrote of Patricia, “We used her natural wave and toned the color with a neutral blonde on blonde. Better brows and a more smooth but colorful cool toned makeup palette enhanced what is already a natural beauty. A stunner!”

See for yourself the magic that Christopher performed on Patricia, who after declared, “No more Twinkies!”

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