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Woman feels too ”beige” so puts her trust in star stylist – after makeover she hardly recognizes herself

Have you ever felt like changing your look completely? It’s a tempting thought for me.

Mauree traveled all the way from Canada to The Makeover Guy’s salon in Minneapolis to put her new look completely in this expert stylist’s hands.

She came from a little town just outside Vancouver feeling “beige” and wanted a new look. The Makeover Guy, or Christopher Hopkins agreed and gave her transformation that left her floored. She hardly recognized herself.


The expert stylist is known across the U.S. for his dramatic transformations helping to create news looks for ladies, they didn’t even think were possible. His YouTube channel has more than 80,000 subscribers.

“The Makeover Guy” was given the task of transforming Canadian lady Mauree, who had traveled hundreds of miles to Christopher’s Minneapolis salon.

Mauree described herself as “beige” and felt that she wanted to do something new with her hairstyle. She said after seeing Christopher on Oprah Winfrey she was happy to put her complete trust in his capable hands.


Christopher agreed that Mauree was too beige and said she needed more depth in hair color and a neutral makeup palette.

And Mauree stayed completely quiet putting her trust in Hopkins and his creative team.

Mauree said Christopher could do exactly what he wanted, and she was excited to see the end result.


After seeing the result, I was speechless. I could hardly believe it was the same person and neither could Mauree joking that everyone was going to think her husband had married again.

Christopher knocked decades off this lady. She is overjoyed.

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Watch Mauree’s unbelievable makeover in the clip below.