The biggest and most extravagant wedding cakes too beautiful to eat

Organizing a wedding can be as lavish or as down-to-earth as you want it, after all it’s your day.

But what brides-to-be consider the most important aspect of their big day varies. Some couples choose to put all their budget into the dress, or the flowers that adorn their big-day destination, while others consider the food and drink the real stars of the show.

These couples about to tie the knot decided the real showstopper was the cake and with no expense spared here are just a few of the crazy creations that really are ‘the icing on the cake.’

World record wedding cake


Starting with the biggest wedding cake ever created this mountain of sweetness was crafted by chefs from The Mohegan Sun Casino and Hotel, in Connecticut.

Standing at 17 feet tall and weighing 15,032 pounds, this seven-tier vanilla giant contains 10,000 pounds of cake batter and 4,810 pounds of frosting.

It can feed up to 59,000 people and took 700 sheet cakes and 57 chefs to make, plus two forklifts to lift it.

Cinderella-style wedding cake

The perfect companion to a Cinderella-style wedding dress is, of course, a castle wedding cake – bigger than the bride and groom. The mind-blowing detail on this cake, made for a wedding in Indonesia, leaves us all questioning who the master baker behind it was, although it looks more like the creation of a team of architects.


For those of us who have made a cake we all know that it’s important to keep it as fresh as possible, which leaves us wondering how these vanilla monsters are created in a short enough time so it still tastes good.

Pagoda wedding cake

This pagoda cake, big enough to feed 175 people, was put together in only 10 days. Not only is it one of the most extravagant cakes ever created but the guests thought it was an ornate statue decorating the wedding venue.


That was until the newlyweds sliced it open to reveal chocolate hazelnut truffle cream, sponge cake covered with orange glaze and vanilla bean pound cake with organic raspberries.

Trump wedding cake

For the rich and famous where no expense is spared on their nuptials, the flashiest of wedding cakes include the one that adorned President Donald Trump’s wedding to supermodel Melania Knauss in 2005.

Guests enjoyed a seven-tiered, five-foot high, 200-pound wedding cake made with 3,000 white icing roses made of Grand Marnier buttercream.

12-foot sweet monster

The wedding of Filipino actor Dingdong Dantes and his bride Marian Riveras made headlines for its extravagance with the cake stealing the show. The 12-foot sweet monster featured a light show weighed 264 pounds and cost $290,000, compared to the bride’s dress which cost $94,000.

The video below shows the heatbreaking moment when the couple dug into this beauty but by the look on their faces it was delicious.

Marzipan wedding cake

Flickr / Jenny Hayden.

This beauty ended up on display at the Marzipan Museum in Budapest, Hungary and took 350 hours to make requiring 1,400 eggs and 22 gallons of cream.

Eiffel tower wedding cake

For fans of the most recognized landmark in the world this is an example of a wedding cake c’est magnifique. Not only is it perfectly crafted to look like the Eiffel Tower but includes hand-painted images of other Parisian sites: the Arc de Triomphe, River Seine, and Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s a work of art.

Facebook / Maxie B’s Bakery & Dessert Café



This stunningly beautiful creation was the handiwork of New York City baker, Sylvia Weinstock.

Wedding dress cake

You’d be forgiven for questioning this design being an actual cake. Emma Jayne Cake Design is the talented woman behind this creation, which immediately went viral.

At six feet tall it was displayed at London’s Cake International and required 132 pounds of fondant and 110 pounds of modeling paste to make the flowers, taking her just ten days to make.

Emma Jayne Cake Design

This wedding cake dress is also stunning!

Another beauty…


Fairy tale-inspired wedding cake

Photo: Crystal Stokes Photography

Isn’t wonderful? This cake features robin’s egg blue fondant and two whimsical flying birds to boot!

Share these sumptuous sweet designs with your friends today, they’ll be grateful for the distraction.