Stars Sam Elliot and Katharine Ross on the obstacles they overcame and their enduring love

We hear a lot of stories about the successful and long-lasting marriages of some actors and quite rightly celebrate them. But, not a lot is said about the enduring love between Hollywood stars Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross.

They were both so young when they met but Elliott was just starting out and Ross was an established actress and married. For Elliott it was love at first sight but he was going to have to be patient to get his one true love.

Despite the obstacles in their path the two married in 1984. Fast forward 35 years and they are still the cutest couple, a couple that have defied the odds to make it work and be happy. Such an inspiration!

We know these two screen legends separately. Elliott for his distinctive voice and most masculine of roles in movies like The LegacyTombstoneThe Big Lebowski and countless television guest spots. Then there’s Ross, who rose to fame early on in her career in big movies such as The GraduateButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and The Stepford Wives.

Sam Elliott and his wife Katharine Ross

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But not many of us think of the two as a married couple, a marriage that is coming up on 35 years. They also have a daughter together.

The two have kept a low profile, choosing not to gush about their deep, strong love but not many know about the obstacles these two overcame to be together.

Lasting relationship advice

Katharine was married four times before she wed Elliott, so clearly learned a thing or two about keeping your personal life out of the spotlight. While Elliott has a realistic approach toward marriage and revealed the secret of their success,

“Common sensibility, but we also work at being together. You work past the s–t; you don’t walk away from it. That’s how relationships last,” Elliot told AARP Magazine
So simple but so true.

SAM ELLIOTT & WIFE KATHARINE ROSS (married 1984 – present day).

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They are very good at supporting each other’s careers. Elliott nearly passed on his breakout role as Cher’s biker boyfriend in the 1985 film Mask because he and Ross were on their honeymoon in Hawaii, according to the New York Times.

After Elliott told his agent he wouldn’t return early to test for the role, Ross called the agent back that night to say she’d get her husband back in time, reports TipHero.

Leading lady

Sam Elliott and wife (Actress) Kate Ross She is lovely. She can't help it yall if she's married to the most beautiful man on the planet! LOL

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While it was love at first sight for Elliot after seeing Ross on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, he dared not act on his feelings. He saw himself as a “glorified extra” and Ross as a Hollywood star. But he wouldn’t give up and waited patiently for the right time.

“I didn’t dare try to talk to her then. She was the leading lady. I was a shadow on the wall, a glorified extra in a bar scene,” Elliott told AARP The Magazine in 2015.

Their love has not come easy, it was a tough start. See the hurdles they’ve overcome to be together in the video below.

Such a romantic love story and a great inspiration to other married couples. We can all learn so much from the couples who have worked together to make their marriages last.

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